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Started My Day With Morning Tea


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Life is a Contant State of Transitions

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin


Just as a flower bloom and moves through a transition such is real life for humans. We as humans are on constant journey of changes. The reality is, oftentimes the price of changes and transitions out weights the cost of remaining the same…… the changes force us to move through transitions whether we want to or not.
Recently my family experienced some painful transitions, on Tuesday January 7 my Mother made her transition from her earthly journey into her soul journey. On Saturday April 5th my husband’s father made his earthly transition. On Tuesday May 6 my oldest son’s mother in law made her earthly transition. Death is a reminder that we only live once and there is no way around it, so we must enjoy every moment that we are alive because life can change in instant. Although we look at death as the end of life, it is really just a transition into a better life.
In the midst of it all the earthly transitions, I am moving forward with the transition of closing my daycare business. A business that I have been operating since May of 2001.

One thing for sure life is full of transitions and there is no way around them, you just have to sail your way through them. On Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I went to the movies. I requested that I wanted to go see the movie “CHEF”. I had read the previews and thought it would be a good movie to watch. And yes it turned out to be a great movie, with a few sub lines that had strong messages. After viewing the movie it helped me put a few things in perspective while I maneuver my way through my own career transition. Changing careers is never easy… especially when things are going well, but you just feel deep down inside that you need a change. Well, that’s how I am feeling…a part of me want a change and know that I need a change but the security of where I have been for the last 13 years is comfortable. However, just like in the movie “CHEF”, I am learning to recognize sometimes you can outgrow your career and you need to be wise enough to know when life is offering you a better or different opportunity.

A few things I gleamed from the movie is:
Every man must personally know when their season is up in a particular business, job or career..knowing when to hold it and when to fold it is paramount and the art of accepting change
Never allow anyone to block your creative mojo
Live out your passion, you only get one life and you have to live it the best to your ability
You are your own personal CEO, so take charge and never give in to someone who wants to define what you are suppose to do or be

Life is a constant state of transitions and we must always be willing and ready to change when that moment comes. We have to be wise enough to know when we need a change. When we are wise enough to allow transitions to take place we bloom and blossom into the person we were meant to be.

Are you wise enough to recognize when you need a change?

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I Crave

waterfall in the garden

I crave:
Alone Time
A Release from Fear of the Unknown
A Release from Worry
Peace of Mind
To be at One with the Creator

What do you crave?

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Help Us Lord To Be Creative

Almighty, eternal and merciful God, whose Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, open and illuminate our minds, that we may purely and perfectly understand your Word. May we allow your word to saturate our hearts and may our lives may be conformed to what we have rightly understood. May we allow your marvelous work and example to become a transformation in our lives.

ry=110 (2)

Thank you Creator, the one who created us in his image, may we take your example of the works that you start from the beginning of time being the creator of the heavens and the earth, being the creator of taking dirt and forming man and taking a rib to form a woman help us lord to remember that you created us in your own image and we are creators as well. Help us to be productive and creative individuals in our work, home and our community. Let your light shine on us so that we may be productive members of society changing our communities, being world changers and witnessing of your marvelous works.. In Jesus Name We pray…Amen, Amen Amen

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Ready to Start the Fire!

The Fire Starter Sessions

The Fire Starter Sessions

I finished reading The Fire Starter Session this week. It only took me a few days to read because it was just that good. I actually bought the book last year, but was unable to read it because I was absorbed in school work and did not have the right mindset to complete the book.

However, this week I pulled the book down off my book shelf and decided to read it. While reading from page to page, my spirit was absorbed in it. I mean the kind of absorbing where I did not want to put it down. I wanted to eat every word and slowly digest the content of every page, like I was sipping hot soup. Carefully, taking it in spoonful by spoonful…..I did a lot of underlying, mediating on words and phrases that stood out, taking inventory and evaluating my life desires and writing notes to myself.

Reading this book was right on target—-feeding my spirit of it’s dehydration status. I feel a little more replenished. The book reignited my soul. Now I feel like I am ready to create the life I really desire. One of the things I am focusing on the most is one of the questions Danielle ask in the book, “How do you want to feel?”

This question have me pondering on my core desire feeling.

I am ready to go and grow to the next level of my life. It is time to move forward and allow my deepest desires and my deepest self to manifest into the person I am called to be. I am ready to start the fire that is deep within me. It is refine, redefine and revive myself time…..time to continue to develop into the woman I desire to be for the next level of my life. Light the fire Regena, It is time to burn baby burn! I am ready to Start the Fire and walk into the next level of my destiny!

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Mission Haiti: Each One Can Reach One

For some reason I am crazy enough to believe my husband and I can make an impact in the world, especially in Haiti. Sometimes in life you have to have crazy faith like that, where you have a vision and God will miraculously give you the provision. I do not believe it is odd to have faith like that. I believe all it takes is a desire,a heart of compassion, the faith to believe and hearing the voice of God when it is the timing to step out on the action plan.

One of the ways my husband and I want to make an impact is to start taking some time to do short term mission trips. Specifically, We believe Haiti is in need of our assistance. We can’t change the world if we don’t start trying to reach the world. Therefore, It is my husband and I desire that this year, we take a trip to Haiti and visit some of the orphanages. My husband and I want to go and see how can God use us to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
The plan has already been put in place and the action steps are in motion.I have already started preparing for the trip. I have already to started buying gifts for the girls in the orphanage that I am planning to visit. I know anything I take will be blessing, but some of the things I want to take I am purchasing them now to give myself a head start to be a blessing to as many children as I can. I am focusing on taking dolls, puzzles, games, jewelry, hair barrettes and hairbands.

With God’s hand of blessings, my husband and I are targeting our trip for sometime in September. My deepest prayer is that God supply all that we need in order to make our trip a success. Although, my husband and I are just two people with a passion and a purpose, we believe each one can reach one. We are unified in purpose with the belief that we can used by God to make a difference in the lives of the people in Haiti.

My assignment for you is: I ask that you keep us in your prayers throughout this year that everything will come together in God’s divine order. We believe our marriage is a ministry and we can not see life any other way than ministering to those who need us the most. The people in Haiti need us and we need them but most of all we are willing to answer the call.

We are being called, it is up to us to answer the call. Our prayer to God is: here we are God, your servant is listening. Now all it takes from us is the discerning ear and heart to act on the call. Our deepest desire is to make an impact on our sphere of the world. Right now we are doing as much as we can to make a impact on our local community. We feel God is calling us to a larger vision, beyond the borders of our local community and that vision and call is to minister in Haiti.

Luke 4:18 states quoted from New American Standard Bible

How are you making a difference to reach those in your community and abroad who are less fortunate?



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Journaling Through Grief

The New Year started out good, but unfortunately on the 7th of January my Mom passed away. I thank God, he allowed my Mom to live 85 years. She lived a blessed life. She was a woman full of love, compassion, outspoken with her words and full of wisdom. Although my Mom tried to prepare our family for her death, I was not ready for her to leave. Here is how this death process begin, June 30, 2013, a Sunday afternoon, Mom had my youngest sister to call family members and tell them that she was dying. At that time my husband and I were planning a trip to the beach, but decided to change our plans after Mom ask for us to come home. We drove from Texas to Georgia for the 4th of July holidays. We visited Mom for a few day, but returned back home.

Rapidly throughout the months my Mom’s health declined. By the time my husband and I revisited her for Thanksgiving, she was sleeping a lot and her dementia had gotten worst. Finally on January 7th a little after 10am eastern standard time, my Mom made her transition. I do not think there is anything that can prepare a family mentally to lose someone they love so dear. There is a part of life where you are unrealistic within yourself and wishing that your love one would live forever. However, reality settles in and we are snapped back to living the real life and realize living on earth is not a forever contract.

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about her, looking at her pictures and journaling my thoughts. Journaling is helping me with the grieving process and has been therapeutic. One of the things I am most thankful for throughout this process, my mom had the wisdom and intuition to know she was dying. In a sense, it gave me time to prepare for it and also it gave our family time to say goodbye. I have always been the type of person to journal my thoughts. Therefore, journaling my thoughts about my Mom daily has been my way of cleansing my soul. I write a lot about the kind of woman my Mom was. I also write a lot about my feelings. I write a lot of prayers and affirmations to help strengthen me during this process.

Today I went thrift store shopping, I found a journal for 50cent. It is called a Poetic Earth Journal. I looked it up on the internet. It is a pricey, but absolutely beautiful journal. The price on the internet is $50. However instead of paying $50 for it I bought it for 50 cents. I plan to use my new journal to write my thoughts, affirmations, quotes and prayers.

This whole process has help me draw closer to God. Although, I have always read my bible, now I am reading my bible a lot more throughout the day and doing a deeper studying in the word of God to help comfort me and to help me grow spiritually. I plan to continue to journal my thoughts and prayers to help me through my grieving process. I know I will never ever get over my mom, but I believe I will learn to deal with her death. In the meantime, my journal is my companion to help me through the process. How do you handle grief? What are some things you do to help you through the process?

My 50 cent leather Poetic Earth Journal

My 50 cent leather Poetic Earth Journal