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A challenge to grow spiritually

I am getting ready to start Babbie Mason 21-day devotional study. I have asked a group of women to join me online for this awesome study. I am believing God we will grow spiritually. One of my prayers this year has been for God to grow me to higher level so I can go deeper […]

Inspirational Notecards

I received these notecards as a Mother’s day gift. There is 40 inspirational cards packed inside a mini size carry case, each notecard¬†has an inspirational message filled with wisdom and scripture verse written on it. The cards are small enough to go inside your purse, tote bag, placed on your desk, or nightstand. They can […]

The town of Mayberry will not be the same without Andy Griffith

The Sheriff of Mayberry who so many shared happy days sitting on their couch watching the wholesome and home grown family values of the Andy Griffith Show¬†has departed this life. The town of Mayberry will forever live with us because those who shared the joys of this family show know that the town of Mayberry […]

The Encourager Spirit

It is believed that the tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the body. So if it is true, why isn’t it more people using the tongue to lift others up? I consider myself to be encourager at heart. I love to say encouraging words, give compliments and write encouraging notes. I found these […]