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Mountain Climber

Every person who is at the top of the mountain did not fall from the sky, they had to climb from the bottom up… crawling and climbing through struggles, sweat, and stress…stress can equal to success. So tell yourself you are a mountain climber….if you believe you serve a God who will and can help […]

World Gratitude Day

Our words are instruments, we can use them to make a joyful noise and to sound off praise. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. Because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things […]

Attention Company

I was inspired to take this picture while visiting Amon Carter Musuem in Fort Worth, Texas. The picture of the little boy grab my attention, and today I am excited to share it with you. The name of the painting is Attention Company! The painter is William M. Harnett (1848-1892). I hope this painting inspire […]

I am sure…

*God loves me. *God will take care of me. *Everything that is meant to be will surely happen to me and for me. *When one door closes, God opens another door and a few windows too. *I don’t have to be afraid of my future because I know who holds my future.

Today, I am Praising God for…..

Breathing a fresh breathe of air into my lungs and waking me up in good health and good spirits. His love. Substaining me through the tough times. His steadfast and unshakeable love. Blessing me with a family that love me. Giving me a husband who adores me. Giving me what it takes to go through […]

With school, running my small business and taking care of my family…life does get hectic for me. Yet, I feel like I am managing my life well, but not so sure some days if I am managing my time well enough¬†to carve out time to write as often as I like.¬†However, for the most part […]

I love the stage I am at in my life now because

I am more accepting of others differences. I stress less. I love more. I forgive quickly. I don’t hold grudges. I am learning to say “NO” when other people want me to say “YES” I am more confident about life and myself. More positive and less negative. Have a better outlook on my future. I […]