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A Mural of Reflection

“Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.” Yvonne Woon. This picture is a picture of mural that was taken in Atlanta, Georgia at The King Center. I call it “A Mural of Reflection of Pioneers and People that Paved the Road to Civil Rights.” The reason I named it […]

My Voice Can Be Heard With My Vote

Woke up really excited, early voting started today here in Texas….thanks to all those ancestors who paved the way for me…I get to vote….it is not just a choice… it is my obligation to those who sacrifice blood, sweat and tears just for me to have a voice…so today when I vote, I am also […]

Big Tex

Today was a sad day for the people in north Texas. Big Tex a 52 foot tall statue that has been an icon for the Texas state fair was destoyed today by fire. Big Tex made his debut in 1952. This weekend was the last weekend for the state fair, so at least Big Tex […]

My First Preschool Class-PBS

When I was a child, I use to love watching PBS and all the great shows such as Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was my first preschool classroom. I learned my ABC’s, how to count, how to make friends, how to share and how to think creatively. PBS was not only my first preschool class […]

Great American Cookie

Sparking Creativity

Recently I started making flowers pens. It is a fun and simple project that I enjoy doing. I am also having fun with the results I am getting. Here is the real deal, I am the type of person that enjoy the feel of a pen in my hand. Therefore, before I publish any of  my writings […]

Beauty At Its Best

Recently, my husband and I took a nice Sunday afternoon scroll through Japanese Garden. The garden is centrally nestled in an area that is close to the downtown area of Fort Worth, Texas. It is always a pleasure to spend some romantic and quality time with my husband.  And there is nothing that beats taking […]