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Beauty At Its Best

Recently, my husband and I took a nice Sunday afternoon scroll through Japanese Garden. The garden is centrally nestled in an area that is close to the downtown area of Fort Worth, Texas. It is always a pleasure to spend some romantic and quality time with my husband.  And there is nothing that beats taking a scroll in Japanese Garden.  Japanese Garden offers my husband and I, the opportunity to savor and taste the beauty of nature through a beautiful picturesque garden.  We are both nature lovers at heart, so being among the greenery and changing of leaves from summer green to fall colors reminds us of new life, new beginnings and refreshing of spirit. There is nothing better than enjoying the scenery of Japanese Garden, especially during this time of year where the leaves are in its metamophosis state. A simple reminder to us that nothing stays the same and life is a progression of changing.

Spending time in the garden put us in close communion with God because there is a certain level of appreciation of art that reminds us that God’s hand is that of a craftsman who brings out the beauty in all living things and He is constantly changing us into something better.  So today I share with you a piece of that beauty that I was able to capture through the lens of my camera that ultimately touched  my heart and soul.


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