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Sparking Creativity

Flower Pens

Recently I started making flowers pens. It is a fun and simple project that I enjoy doing. I am also having fun with the results I am getting. Here is the real deal, I am the type of person that enjoy the feel of a pen in my hand. Therefore, before I publish any of  my writings on the computer, I first create my thought with pen and paper in hand. It is something about holding a pen in my hand that connect my brain waves to move and create. Therefore, I believe having a nice pen in hand help stimulate my thought process. This is one of the reasons I decided to start making flower pens…. to encourage myself to write more. In addition I have been experimenting with my poloraid mini 300 camera. I took this picture with my poloraid 300. The creative bug has hit me from all angles. I love taking pictures with my poloraid. However, the pictures with the 300 film is very small, but I am making it work for me. Yet, it can capture the small details.  What are some things you do to spark your creativity?


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