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My First Preschool Class-PBS

When I was a child, I use to love watching PBS and all the great shows such as Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was my first preschool classroom. I learned my ABC’s, how to count, how to make friends, how to share and how to think creatively. PBS was not only my first preschool class room, but I also had a lot of friends from Sesame Street…Big Bird, Ernie and Bert were my best friends.  Although I never met them in person, their friendship was real. As real as anyone could imagine.

Oh yes, Elmo is real…he is real in the minds of children all over the world

As a Mom, Grandmother, Preschool Educator and Human Service worker, I have seen the impact and how PBS has made a differences in  lives of children from generation to generation. Not only has PBS made a difference in lives of children here in America. As a world traveler and being married to a man of Carribean descent, I have witness the impact of how PBS has broaden the horizon of children living all over the world. So today I want you to think of how your education was impacted by PBS and how you learn to think creatively with the shows PBS produced to educate you and fertilize the garden of your mind….so on that note I leave you with this remix video of someone special that help cultivate my thinking…..here is  Mr. Rogers.


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