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Count Your Blessings


Dream and Believe


Fortune Cookie

Last night my husband and I tried a new Chinese is what my fortune cookie said….I can definitely live with this prophesy.

The Power of Love

Start Something That Matters

I am at a cross road in my life. I am at a point where I am seeking direction from God on what’s next in my life. At this present time, I am going to school to get a degree in Health and Human Service while minoring in Health Care Administration.  At the same time,  I am […]

What’s Next?

I am nearing the end of the journey of my school days, I have 5 more classes to go. I am half-way finish the class I recently started, which will leave me with 4 classes left,after I finish the one I presently working on. The class I am taking now is Health Care Ethics and […]


During the Christmas holiday break my husband and I traveled across county. One of the stateswe traveled through was Mississippi. I took these pictures when we were leaving the state of Louisiana, crossing over to Vicksburg, Mississippi. The bridge is beautiful during the daytime.