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What’s Next?

What's Next?

I am nearing the end of the journey of my school days, I have 5 more classes to go. I am half-way finish the class I recently started, which will leave me with 4 classes left,after I finish the one I presently working on. The class I am taking now is Health Care Ethics and Medical Law. I have to admit all of my Health Care courses have been a bit challenging, yet rewarding because I have learned a lot about America’s health care system.

So far, I have made A’s in all my courses, with an exceptional of one B+. However, my intentions are to finish strong maintaining A’s in the reminder of my course work. One thing for sure, school has kept my brain active and my mind in the state of continuing to learn. However, this journey and the path I have taken is about to come to an end. As I approach the end of my journey, I find myself asking this one question, daily. What’s next?


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