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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Ansel Adams
I remember when I first started taking up photography as a hobby I was told a picture is only as good as the photographer. In some ways I find this statement to be true. I enjoy taking pictures in different mediums. It does not matter what type of camera I use. What matters to me is how I capture the picture and how I can manipulate the pictures to become what I want it to become. I used a cheap disposable camera to take this picture. However, with a little bit of manipulation, I made the picture into what I wanted to make it.
To be honest, photography is a sort of stress reliever for me. Therefore, although I do not take my photography seriously, it is only a form of recreation for me. However, I always appreciate the results I get because what I do, I only do it for me. In the process, I hope you enjoy my photos.


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