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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

My husband and I have a goal to see as many states as we can while we are alive and healthy. On Easter weekend, we decided to take a drive to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was a fun drive, but when I tell you there is not much to do there… I mean it. My […]

Re-evaluation Time

With the recent passing of my friend and her daughter, I am rethinking a lot of things about my health.  I guess you can say I am reevaluating my health choices. My friend and her daughter both were diabetics which caused a lot of health problems and complications related to diabetes. For the last few […]

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Last night I went to a wake of a good friend’s daughter. My friend passed away on March 14. Her daughter buried her on March 23(which was the daughter 40th birthday). On March 26, three days later the daughter had a massive stroke and died on March 29. At the wake last night, some people […]

Changing Courses

I thank God for all He has done and all He is doing in my life. May 13 will be my last day in class. I am so proud of my accomplishments. I give God all the credit for bringing me thus far. After having a strenuous school schedule these last few years, I can […]