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Re-evaluation Time

RE-Evaluation Time

With the recent passing of my friend and her daughter, I am rethinking a lot of things about my health.  I guess you can say I am reevaluating my health choices. My friend and her daughter both were diabetics which caused a lot of health problems and complications related to diabetes. For the last few years, my friend’s daughter was taking dialysis treatment three times a week and on the list for a kidney transplant. In addition, my mother is on dialysis and diabetes run in my family.  Unfortunately, renal failure for my mother and my friend’s daughter was a result of long term complications to being a diabetic. All of these things have me pondering about my own health and how I can make small changes that would benefit my overall health. I feel kind of hypocritical being a few weeks away from graduating with my degree in Health and Human Services and I do not consider myself one of making good health choices. However, I am in the process of taking a Health and Wellness class. I do not find it to be coincidental that I am taking Health and Wellness in Adulthood class during the time of my reevaluation process. Both the class and the recent passing of two people who I was close to is having me to look back, reflect and reevaluating my own health and my lifestyle choices.  Most of all, the two deaths have made me wake up, face myself and the person I am and the lifestyle I am living. The fact is, I am not doing enough to improve my health. I need to make some really wise choices. I want to take care of my health, because if I don’t I will really miss it when it’s gone.

What are some things you are doing to reevaluate your life and your lifestyle choices?


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