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The Happiness Project


I just finished reading the “The Happiness Project.” It is one of those books that had been on my list of books to read for sometime now. After reading an unofficial book review from another blog, I decided to check the happiness project book out from my local library and read it. I am glad I took the time to read the book before the upcoming year. The book served as a book of encouragement for me. Most of the things the author mention in the book I am already doing such as :
* Be serious about play
*Find fun, some of the thing I do to have fun is increasing my photography skills, doing crossword puzzles, playing games such as Rory Story Cubes to break my writer’s block
* Stimulate the mind in new ways: I enjoy traveling, teaching myself a new language and learning new skills
* Start a collection: I collect dolls, books and different types of cameras(including film cameras)

However, here are a few things Gretchen mention in her book I have put on my to do list to work on in the coming year
* Write a book
*Imitate a spiritual master

What are some things you plan to work on in the coming year to make you happy?


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