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The meaning of Christmas

The older I get and the closer I tap within the spiritual realm….. I begin to see and feel the true meaning of Christmas. I experience God’s presence drawing closer. I begin to allow myself to draw closer to Him. The closer I draw to God, the more I feel and draw on his presence, the dynamics of what the meaning of Christmas begin to change. I no longer focus on the immaterial and the intangible. I start to view the concrete blessings that has been bestowed upon me all throughout the year. I begin to realize the true gift of Christ does not come wrapped under a tree. Every day become Christmas to me. I begin to see each day as a gift. The gift of Christ grace and mercy become more tangible. Every morning when I wake up clothe in my right mind, able to work and use all my body parts, have good health, a place to eat and sleep, food on the table, money in my pocket……. I feel and see the hand of grace and mercy extend to me….not because I deserve it, but because I serve a God who love me and want to shower me with blessings everyday. I do not take my gifts lightly.This is what Christmas is about to me. I find the true meaning of Christmas wrapped everyday in the gift of life, love and living.


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